CrystalDiskInfo — disk status monitoring

The hard drive is the weakest link in a computer. While the HDD (hard disk drive, hard drive) is functioning properly, no one remembers about it. Problems with speed, free space or stability are just starting — they immediately remember about the maintenance of the drive.

Defragmentation, cleaning and partitioning, diagnostics is a complex issue. To solve the last problem, the CrystalDiskInfo application was written. You will learn about its capabilities, features and disadvantages of the Crystal Disk program from the publication. Here you can download the utility in English for Windows 10 — XP of any bit 32/64.

Why you need CrystalDiskInfo

An application from a Japanese developer for diagnosing digital drives: HDD and SSD. It does not work with flash drives, but it does support portable hard drives. Utility for Windows
reads S.M.A.R.T. — information obtained through the methodology of analysis and self-control of the disk.

The utility evaluates the technical condition of the memory, monitors the temperature of the device, collects technical, operational information and works with sectors. The first include the manufacturer, volume, number of partitions, serial number, connection interface. To the second — the number of inclusions, the accumulated time.

The utility will show the state of the drive when using games (temperature, read speed).


  1. support of design themes;
  2. recognizes almost all HDDs, SSDs;
  3. there is a portable version;
  4. free download with source code;
  5. change of design by means of design skins;
  6. multilingual interface;
  7. switching between two or more disks;
  8. graphing.


  1. Japanese style design themes;
  2. S.M.A.R.T. parameter values cannot be copied to the clipboard.
  3. false positives of antiviruses.

Crystal Disk saves reports in textual and graphical form, copies the information of interest to the clipboard. At the service of advanced users and experts ~ 30 graphs of physical and normalized values ​​of hard drives. Fans of customization will appreciate the support for themes, the function of changing the font, window scale.

System requirements

Developer Noriyuki Miyazaki (Japan)
Operating system Windows XP – 10

Windows Server 2003 – 2019

OS architecture x86 (32 bit), x64
CPU 1.1 GHz
Video card 64 MB
Free disk space 160 MB

CrystalDiskInfo occupies ~90 MB, the rest is themes. If not needed, remove the Themes directory from the CdiResource folder.


Access to Crystal Disk functions is provided through the main menu, control is partially duplicated by hot keys.

Among the features of the application, we note:

  • Tracks the health rating of the hdd/ssd drive: «Good», «Alarm», «Bad».
  • Storage temperature monitoring. Warning when the temperature exceeds the specified value.
  • Reading the model and specifications of discs.
  • Check speed of SSD and HDD.
  • Displays many indicators: up to 30 S.M.A.R.T parameters, number, labels and volume of logical partitions.
  • Export HDD and error reports.
  • Copying information about disk sectors to the buffer.
  • Control how often information is updated for each device.
  • The agent in the notification area is an icon with the current HDD temperature.
  • Advanced drive search.
  • Change of design.
  • HDD Noise Control.
  • Determine the drive driver version.
  • Fast switching between computer disks.
  • Recognition of solid state and hard drives: internal, external (USB).
  • Plotting three dozen parameters of digital storage.
  • Changing the chart scale with the mouse wheel while holding Ctrl.
  • Assigning some functions to hot keys.

General disk health diagnostics

crystaldiskinfo program
The software interface displays the name of the disk and many parameters.

Information about the wear tracking drive has been moved to the main window. Displayed automatically after application launch: S.M.A.R.T. information, temperature sensor value, technical status based on bad sectors.

Through the menu item «File» reports are created, through «Edit» — options for copying data to the buffer are changed. The «Service» item provides access to the CrystalDiskInfo settings, in the «View» — the design of the program is changed. For more details about the performance and diagnostics of the HDD, see the material.

Download CrystalDiskInfo for free

Пароль на архивы: 111

All utility versions are available in Russian for Windows 32/64 bit. Download the program in a format convenient for you. There are several options to choose from: requiring installation (Install), portable without installation (Portable), torrent file (Torrent).


Password for archives: 111

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[wpfilebase tag=»file» id=»31″ /]

Portable version of the utility

In terms of functionality, CrystalDiskInfo Portable does not differ from the installed program, but it has a number of advantages over it. Most importantly, there is no installation required.

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[wpfilebase tag=»file» id=»40″ /]

Download the program via torrent

Download the torrent file and download the CrystalDisk program through your torrent client.

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[wpfilebase tag=»file» id=»35″ /]

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Anime version of the program

Download versions of the program with anime design. Many CrystalDisk skins will please fans of Japanese cartoons. Functional differences, except for the style of skins, were not found in these versions.

[wpfilebase tag=»file» id=»34″ /]


Consider how to install CrystalDiskInfo using Windows 10 64 bit as an example.

  1. Run the resulting file. If you downloaded .zip, then unpack it first.
  2. When prompted by UAC or security, give the green light to the application.
  3. Read the terms and conditions and accept them.acceptance of the CrystalDisk license
  4. Select the installation folder or leave the default and click «Next».select CrystalDisk folder
  5. Click Install.install crystaldiskinfo
  6. Done, installation completed.first launch of CrystalDisk
  7. Click Finish. You can leave the launch box unchecked.

Program functionality

The disk diagnostics utility is represented by a single window (the main one) and a couple of additional ones. After loading the interface, you will see the following information:

You can turn on the storage temperature graph (ssd / hdd) through the Service menu, then Graph.

enable crystaldiskinfo graphics

temperature graph update

hdd temperature
Temperature chart.

Enabling autostart of the monitoring program at Windows startup.

autorun crystaldiskinfo

Hiding the device's serial number

serial number hiding
Serial number (hidden in the settings).

AAM/APM Management

enabling aam control

aam management

Advanced search for hard drives

advanced disk search

Launching and configuring notifications in Crystaldisk

crystaldiskinfo notification management

types of notifications

View Drive Temperature

Disk temperature crystaldiskinfo

Statistics on the number of drives turned on and resource - how many hours or days it worked.

hard drive statistics

Read more about how to use CrystalDiskInfo in the article.

Questions and answers

Overclocked 100,500 graphics cards and know how to optimize settings. You can ask your questions, I will help.
Ask a Question
If you have problems with drives and CrystalDiskInfo, ask in the comments.

If the technical condition turns yellow, does this mean that you need to buy a new disk?

nikolay emelyanov
Optional. This is an occasion to think about backing up valuable files. An HDD with a yellow indicator can last for thousands of hours.

How long on average can a disk last in the red state?

nikolay emelyanov
The service life of a device is individual, it is difficult to predict. If the problem worsens (the number of bad sectors grows), it won’t be long before the failure occurs.
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